Notable Achievements


11 Awards Received

  • Lucky Bucket - VIPdesk
  • Circle of Stars Award - ADVO, Inc.  
  • Controller's Best - ADVO, Inc.
  • A+ Execution Award - ADVO, Inc.
  • Circle of Stars Award - ADVO, Inc.
  • 60 Day Star Award - ADVO, Inc. 
  • 60 Day Star Award - ADVO, Inc.
  • Team N.A.M. Award - ADVO, Inc.
  • Breakaway Award - ADVO, Inc.
  • 60 Day Star Award - ADVO, Inc.
  • New London Day Award
  • Pierpoint Bacon Award 


Contests Won

  • Blog Contest/TWiST, Jason Calacanis - Podcast Review ($500 Amazon Gift Card) 



  • Author of “Appity Slap: A Small Business Guide to Web Apps, Tech Tools and Cloud Computing”, “Introduction to Twitter:The Basics and Beyond” and “The Twitter Job Search
  • Developed company manuals (employee, sales and safety manuals) for KayLee Ana, Premier Partners and Client Intellect.  Continuously maintained and updated as needed.


  • Grew LinkedIn followers by 3,500%, Twitter followers by 183%, and Facebook fan base by 59.4% in less than 8 months.

  • Performed social media audit for premium retailer which included an in-depth business and competitive analysis; Reviewed results and metrics with internal stakeholders; shared best practices and suggested relevant strategies.
  • Assisted in the redesign and enhancement of the company’s website, including content, layout, and meta/alt tags.
  • Acting as a member of the WOMMA Customer Service Subcommittee; contributed to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s Customer Contact Center Best Practice Guidebook; Provided content and wrote case studies based on in-depth interviews of several national and local brands.
  • Designed and implemented VIPdesk’s first company blog with keyword rich content to optimize search engine optimization and brand awareness.

Blog Success to date:

  • 10% of blog viewers share content
  • Was one of the top 25 referring sites to for 11 out of 13 weeks
  • Was one of the top 15 referring sites to for 4 out of 13 weeks 
  • Was one of the top 10 referring sites to for 1 out of 13 weeks (Most Recent)
Valassis (formerly ADVO, Inc.)

  • Played a beneficial role in the centralization of Client Financial Services, which resulted in savings of one million dollars.  Continuously collected and analyzed data, striving for continuous process improvement opportunities.
  • Spearheaded the outsourcing of document storage/retrieval which resulted in a beneficial cost savings to ADVO and ease of document retrieval for Financial Service associates.
  • Developed and introduced a rework analysis which placed accountability on the applicable associate(s) and a resolution spreadsheet to avoid future rework.
  • Created new policies, procedures and forms to replace fax transmittal of field requests with e-mail, which resulted in quicker turnarounds and improved storage and retrieval of data.
  • Responsible for the selection of our outsource vendor; outsourced printing and mailing services producing an on-going savings of 60K annually.Created numerous forms, including a new invoice format that is now mailed to all of ADVO’s clients.
  • Prepared training material for various PC software applications, a step by step Billing training manual, and an order entry training manual for Customer Service Associates
  • Played a key role in the implementation of the ORACLE Accounts Receivable System.
  • Traveled to various ADVO regions and client locations to train CS associates with optimism that ADVO’s Key Service Level standards and goals were met.  Assisted with several regional and branch financial internal audits. Developed and implemented solutions for customer finance issues (including billing, accounts receivable and collection issues).
  • Was selected by the VP and Treasurer to represent the Billing department in the Finance VIP initiative.  Provided various ADVO associates, up to and including senior management, with an overview of the billing process.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Y2K initiative – Partnered with IBM to test various systems to ensure a smooth transition into Y2K.
  • Tested and implemented the various Postal Rate Increases in conjunction with IBM. Created reference material and documentation for billing and field associates.
  • Project Supervisor for the Client Management Clean Up Team. Partnered with Client Management participants and IBM to cleanse the current database prior to the implementation of the new CRM system.
  • Was selected to be a Service Delivery Redesign (new ERP system) Tester, Trainer, and Subject Matter Expert. Additionally, was selected to be a Change Leader in order to guide ADVO associates through the implementation of our new system infrastructure and living in the new environment.
  • Was selected to coordinate the Orlando Branch Facility move.  Worked with corporate and branch management to ensure a successful move.  Created very detailed reference documents for the associates and move team.

Premier Partners

  • Directed the successful transition of a new distribution/fulfillment facility reducing expenses significantly while maintaining productivity levels, service quality, and inventory accuracy.
  • Worked with a leading infomercial testimonial company (ITG) and well known industry celebrities to film an infomercial for the BioTrainer Product, ensuring that all aspects of the testimonial study were managed appropriately. Testimonial study included the recruitment of subjects, before and after photos, securing of releases, as well as generating honest written and video testimonial statements from the participants and the Managing Protocol Monitor.